Friday, November 29, 2013

::Christmas Wishlist - Weird Shoes::

From time to time I like to do an unsual post and since I'm in college already, procastinating, putting together a shoe wishlist seems like a perfect idea. Modcloth is one of my fav online stores when it comes to searching for quirky things.
When in Gnome Heel - probably the most ridiculous heels I've ever came across. Smiley little garden gnome is just creepy, it look so disturbing and weird.

Look Who's Hare in Gold - second on my list of insane and cheesy heels.  Little bunny looks like it's being squashed by shoe. Most likely they were a normal shoes before a heel got replaced with charity shop item.
Shark! Who Goes There? Heel - weird, tacky and in the same time quite cool.  But I wouldn't dare to wear them for night out (which I possibly could pull off with two top ones).

Star Light, Star Right Heel - heels that makes even standing an impossible task. It's hilarious and gorgeous in the same time. I actually like a star detail, however the shape and size of a heel makes walking so difficult (I've tried similar shaped shoes in Office and oh god, so hard to find a right a balance in them).

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