Sunday, January 24, 2016


Time for week 3 summary and two aliens done for today :).

Saturday, January 23, 2016


What happen, when you start sketching and suddenly it clicks and you just want to finish the piece so badly. (Perhaps later)
- Is she the Princess, who comes from the small kingdom far far away, seeking safety? -whispers one-eyed merchant to the villager.
- I can't see her face under that cape! But her head.. is glowing!! - his body is shaking, unable to turn his gaze away from the figure.

Ataegi lost her hope. She was so lost in the land she didn't know, unable to hide her powers, her presence attracted more and more attention, no matter what disguise she chose to wear.

I'm sorry, got too many stories to tell and not enough time to draw them.

Sketch 23/366 for #sketchaday challenge :D Oh and it's a green alien, not a blue one (I've got soft spot for blue aliens, sorry Avatar).
Amazing golden halo comes from enchantedgal-stock.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Noverium_concept art boards

Last year I've started working as an artist on Noverium, sci-fi comic created and written by zerogravityfizzyglug . We are back to the game after Christmas break and lots of epicness scheduled for the next few weeks!

Few concept boards, as I had to design everything (some charas had look established, by props, locations, spaceships didn't) :) 

I'm having ton of fun working on pages and put a lot of love into them so please take a look at the comic itself (updated weekly) at or on  tapastic!

Friday, January 8, 2016


First week of my sketch-a-day challenge. Yes, done it! Mostly really sketchy sketches but hey, I should get bonus points for sticking to it, right? And once I figure out how to get ideas down in less than 30 mins it'll get better, promise.

I think I'm the most proud of the singing shark from today. Still experimenting with digital pencil approach. It's fun but it feel a bit weird on tiny graphire tablet. Should just use normal, real pencils.
Daily struggles can be checked on my twitter and tumblr (once I get more confident with my dailies I'll start uploading them to more platforms).

Monday, January 4, 2016


Character sketches done for Victor's Parable and really fun sketch illustrations commission (who wouldn't enjoy painting something like this!).
Oh, don't worry, I'm still doing #sketchaday challenge, but so far posting it to twitter and tumblr.

Friday, January 1, 2016


It's a New Year, meaning fresh start. I'm an uber busy momma but also mad enough to take on sketch-a-day challenge. I was always jelly of 365 photo challenge and secretly wanted to contribute (but not having enough courage I guess).  So yeah, something really quick. I'm going to post them daily on my twitter and then just share weekly updates here. At least for now.
Have a great 2016 guys!