Monday, May 4, 2015

Interesting Stuff||012

Three cool things to make this gloomy Bank Holiday Morning a bit better (why are we back to winter again, why)!
  • Finally Juanjo Guarnido posted a making-of from the Freak of the Week music video and it's as sweet as the actual video. I just wish it was a little bit longer and not in French. I know, I know, there are subtitles, but it's always nicer to just watch video without having to rely on translation to understand it. Anyway, back to the video - it just shows the crazy amount of work that was put into making it. 
  • Krita got a Kickstarter campaign! From the features mentioned I'm really looking foward to the animation tool set :)
  • BATZ is a charming animated short directed by Max Maleo. Aurelien Predal shared on his blog recently quite a lot of development concepts and designs. Really loving art style. But hey, that's the same person who did colour keys for Monster in Paris, ofcourse it's gonna look good.

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