Thursday, August 22, 2013

::Garden Update::

Last year I was pretty proud of my garden, having your own cherry tomatoes and beautiful flowers is the best thing. This year I've decided to take it step futher and plant more! However my mighty plan didn't work 100% as I've planned - massive fencing bush is casting way too much shadows (and I can't do much about that). In the end I've managed to grow similiar flowers as in previous year plus few new ones - and that include massive sunflowers! I've also planted tomato and pepper plants in May, unfortunately only tomatoes survived and a good crop of yummy toms is on its way :)

A very random but pretty poppy that decided to grow together with dill and parsley plants.

I'm proud of my garden and as a gardening beginner I could say that I've done pretty decent job :) I'm going to take it to the next level next year, wish me luck.

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