Thursday, August 22, 2013

::Cornwall Trip::

Last June we travelled all the way down to Cornwall's little lovely town called Penzance. As hotel rooms seemed to be a bit pricey we decided to try out camping. And it was awesome.
Weather maybe wasn't as perfect as we wanted but hey, it wasn't raining and thats good. Still, a bit too chilly during night to sleep outdoors.

 I was planning a Cornwall trip for quite some time, so many places to visit, so much to see & do. Stunning cliffs and clear sea water, St Ives and other magical villages, but not enough time to explore it all.
After all we've decided to visit Minack Theather and explore a cliff trail nearabout. Stunning views I would recomend to any trail waking fanatic ;) And that shiney clear sea water, so magical. Felt more like holidays abroad (perhaps Greece) than a bit dull UK.
 Little fun fact we learnt during that trip: there are sharks swimming around England and basking sharks are the most common around Cornwall - you can book a special trip for that!

 Below a little napkin scribbles done in KFC :)


  1. Beautiful! My Grama always talked about Penzance. Her parents came from England and she visited when she was younger.

    1. Penzance and Praa Sands beaches are so ure and beautiful, whole Cornwall is.
      Thank you so much for your comment :)