Monday, March 25, 2013

::Malaga Trip Recap::

Two weeks ago me and my hubby were in sunny, warm Malaga, slowly enjoying our short honeymoon. I really like refering to this trip as a 'honeymoon-part1'' :). I've decided to share few of the moments from this special trip to warm you up (it's snowing in Leeds now!).
I've to admit - I felt in love with Costa del Sol! Palm trees, parrots flying around, sunshine and beaches.. I'm not really fussy, for it's a perfect place to live (and luckily for me beach was full of pretty seashells!)
And as you probably noticed - I was rocking my new pairs of printed leggings. Oh my, I love galaxy pair! 'Paint splashes'  is second on my fav list (and a must to wear this spring season, once it get warmer ofcourse!).

I'm going to take a proper outfit photo for April this time :). Now let me go back to my concept tasks :)
It is a post #200 so lets celebrate and hope that there will be at least another 200 of them :)!


  1. fajnie tam u nas zima na całego, muszę sobie kupić czerwone trampki na lato ;]

  2. nice leggings! :*