Sunday, March 25, 2012

::what I wore::

I decided to blog about something totally different today since it's post #100!! Yay! Never thought I would keep doing that for so long~ 

So to celebrate I thought I will do 'what I wore' type of post. I was actually waiting for the right moment to do that, thehehehe~ Inspired by amazing bloggers: , , and many more! 

The mighty jump shot
I can remember where I bought all of the stuff, but to give it a try..
:head to toe:
hat - peacocks (UK)
t-shirt - truck fairies (USA)
jacket - gift from my bf's father (PL)
skirt - internationale (UK)
socks - ebay 
shoes - CCC (PL)
My tomato plants are slowly growing, home grow veg are the best, yummy ~ 

Random bits from sketchbook because I don't what to make this post to weird ;)

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