Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Summary of Art

2015 summary time! It was a crazy year for me, I not only became a mum but also graduated from college. Yes, achievement unlocked!

I'm actually suprised the whole board got filled with decent pieces. Some months were better than others, let's be honest, I send first 5 months more animating and working on my final year show animation, than actual drawing. Plus, you can't really draw much with few weeks old baboon. And when I finaly thought - 'more time for drawing for me', freelance projects and life did hit me hard. And yes, from August onwards I could just fill it with Noverium stuff, but I'm leaving that for later :)

So onto 2016, let's make the New Year even more creative and crazy!

*pretty template comes from chequeredtee

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