Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Interesting Stuff||016

  • Loish started a Kickstarted campaign to fund the very first artbook featuring her art and guess what - it reached it goal within hours! I'm still debating which tier to choose, since having Lois van Baarle book is a must for every artist.
  • Sketch wallet is another Kickstarted project, however this one already ended few days ago. I really like the idea of having a wallet and sketchbook together and wouldn't mind getting one as a gift ;)
  • Double Fine Adventure!, a documentary series about making of Broken Age finaly ended with last episode uploaded to YT. Really nice ending and seriously guys, we need more documentaries like that!


  1. Artbook Loish to marzenia *_* Ach, ach!

    1. ja na pewno zbackeruje, ale raczej pod koniec kampanii, jako ze i tak nie ma specjalnych cen dla early backers. a kto wie, moze przy 100 tysiach zacznal dorzucac dodatki to poszczegolnych tierow :)