Sunday, October 12, 2014

Interesting Stuff||006

Another batch of things that are interesting and cool :) .

You Can Make Games - Indies talk about game industry. It's a short, 8 minute long video, but fun to watch.
7 tips for the 21 year old me - a short journal entry by Bobby Chiu with some neat advice

How I made out of the Looser Trap - another really good and worth reading journal entry, this time written by Olga Drebas
Mery Project is a free character rig made by two Spanish artists. I'm having tons of fun playing with her, making silly poses.
Hotel Transylvania Zombie Rig - perfect for upcoming Halloween, a free Zombie rig. If you watched Sony Pictures Hotel Transylvania you'll recognize a character. So cool that you can play with the actual character rig that such a big studio uses. Sweet.

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