Sunday, May 11, 2014

::Interesting Stuff|002::

It's Sunday again, time to catch up with stuff ;).
  • Concept Cookie - neat YouTube channel with some really good begginers vids for starting out digital painting, livestreams, tutorials and tips. If you are just starting out, definately check it out!
  • Team Shakuro strikes back with this Kickstarter Campaing to create a new website full of delicous CG stuff. I really miss CGHUB...
  • LevelUP website is finally here, tons of resources and weekly stream sessions. FusRoDa team did really amazing job on making a clear and easy to browse website that doesn't takes ages to load.
  • Bahi JD tumblr - insane animator that worked on SpaceDandy and PingPong anime and.. OMG.. just look at these rough gifs.. so much energy.

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