Monday, March 31, 2014

::Marvel Time::

 I haven't posted outfit photos in a while now.. Kinda missed it really, it's fun. I think I might start doing it more often as it is warm now :).
An unusual post from me since it's April Fool's Day tomorrow ;) It's my new Marvel-esque look which I'm gonna rock this spring :) Both jumper and tights comes from Primark, I got heels last year fairly cheap from Internationale sale. And hat.. oh, hat is just from SportsDirect kids section ;)

I'm already in love with these items, jumper is so comfy and warm. And really really long, even tho it's size 6 (but hey I'm small xD). Also, sorry for messy garden.. I need to take care of it soon, it doesn't look good at all. I got plenty of seeds to plant, but never enough time ;).


  1. O M G. chcę te rajstopyyyy *__________*

  2. lec do primarka, maja wlasnie za piataka :D

  3. woooo ja też chce! Kocham leginsy i inne takie xD Normalnie aż podpłynełabym do tej Angli całej żeby tylko je mieć hehe :D :D