Friday, June 7, 2013

::May - Month Full of Adventures::

May was quite a busy month, not only I've finished first year of DFGA,but also got family in-law staying for few days :). It was a blast, weather was just perfect. Managed to visit quite a few places, so much fun.
 Went to Blackpool for the first time and found this awesome thing on pavement. Ooh Betty! But that's not the only thing that Blackpool had to offer - great promenade and piers, cute shops and awesome looking trams.
Another great place was The Deep in Hull (living in Leeds can sometimes be a good thing ;)
Great place, so many pretty fishes and sharks, definately going to visit it again and again this year.
Obligatory jumping outfit photo below ;)
We also took our family to Roundhay Park, Tropical World and Golden Acre Park. Ofcourse I had to do something a bit unusual ;) And this stunning Acer bush... perf!
We had a great time and it's such a shame they're already gone back home. I have a lot more photos to share, but I really want to keep this blog mostly as a little digital sketchbook. Posting photos from time to time doesn't hurt tho;)
I will post some art next week, I promise :)!

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