Sunday, April 28, 2013

::Outfit Post - April::

So another forced outfit post since the weather been really bizzare lately. First nice and warm then cold and windy. Ugh!
Back to the outfit: I LOVE this jacket. Really, I should name this feature - 'how to style spikey jacket in thousand ways'. Honestly, all my previous outfit features have it.

Plus awesome galaxy leggings (from eBay), Internationale shorts, and 6yrs old tee from USA (I can't remember the store name). Lovely hat from Peacocks, originally bought for my hubby, but since he doesn't wear it so often I can borrow it ;)
Just a single photo because once we decided to take photos it started raining. Gosh! But at least my garden look ace, all of those primroses blooming like crazy!

To make it up for the lack of proper photos I've decided to share a little sneak peak of a piece I'm working on now :) Swamp monsters loooves chocolate chip cookies you now ;)?!

Hope you had wonderful weekend!

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